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The environment for Christian congregations is getting tougher every year.  What’s worked before doesn’t work anymore.  But the Gospel remains relevant!  The good news of who God is revealed in Jesus Christ is life-giving.  Jesus is the hope for the world!  We don’t need to mess with the content of that word. But a willingness to try a new approach is nothing less than sacred work.

Learn,Lead,LAUNCH! is a series of four Saturday workshops designed especially for congregational leaders and their pastors in the Minneapolis Area Synod with a regular worshipping community of 60 to 200.  A fifth workshop focused on biblical preaching is also included for pastors.  The first round of workshops took place between March and June 2016.

Change is hard.  Navigating change alone is nearly impossible.  That’s why Learn, Lead, LAUNCH! invites congregation leaders and their pastors to participate in learning together.  Together we’ll learn about different dimensions of congregational life and culture. Together we’ll help you implement next steps and support you as you lead your congregation through change.  Each workshop focuses on a key characteristic of a vibrant congregation.  Space is limited to the first 10 churches invited.  Cost is $500 per congregation.

The theme of comes from John 21:1-6, where Jesus found the disciples fishing. The disciples were fishing like they always had but their nets came up empty. Jesus showed them how to change their approach, and you know the results. Many congregations are finding the same thing. They work hard at what they are doing but can’t seem to gain ground.  LearnLeadLAUNCH is designed to show your church a new way to fish–an approach that is working today.

Contact Craig Pederson, Assistant to the Bishop for Congregational Vitality,  for more information or to enroll your congregation.