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Rev. Mary Pechauer has served small, medium and large congregations–all growing–during the past 21 years. She has led workshops like this in other synods and is a remarkable communicator and preacher. Mary’s gifts will feed your imaginations for new approaches to being the church in the world God so loves.


Rev. Jerry Wahl retired after 17 years as a parish pastor, service on the Minneapolis Area Synod staff and 6 years as Director for Evangelical Mission for the Florida-Bahamas Synod.



David Raymond is a retired business owner and coach/consultant who has worked with over 85 ELCA, United Methodist, United Church of Christ and Presbyterian congregations. He is serving or has served as a coach with 11 church mergers and consolidations. He’s led similar workshops in other denominations and synods and brings a practical lay perspective to congregational change and development along with a passion for sharing God’s love with others.