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Survey Results

ChurchFuture conducted an anonymous online survey of those who participated in the March-June, 2016 workshops. The response rate was 48%.

Key question:  Do you recommend that other churches participate in future LearnLeadLaunch sessions?

The responses:

  • Don’t participate – 0%
  • Consider – 0%
  • Maybe – 0%
  • Recommend – 50%
  • Highly Recommend – 50%


“A great tool to get in touch with the church we are today, realizing our active membership TODAY are the ones who will be the re-developers of our mission and ministry.”

“I loved it!”

“It was a very valuable series of sessions for our church and well worth the fee we paid.”

“I enjoyed the talks, the activities and getting to hear others perspectives. How our church was viewed.”

“I found it to be a valuable time to step back and do some objective evaluation of our congregation and wonder with my team about our future.”

“I thought it was helpful, first of all, to know that other churches are going through some of the same changes seen at our church; and to learn that there ideas that can work to strengthen the church.”

“Learning to lead so we can launch changes within our churches and lives! Easy, comfortable atmosphere talking about not so easy topics.”