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Here’s what you will learn

  • How the faith environment is changing—and what this means for your church
  • A fresh understanding of the life cycle of your church and why it makes a difference
  • How to understand your mission field and who you are best equipped to reach and serve
  • How to turn your congregation’s thinking to “outside-in” instead of “inside out”
  • Simplify—move from busyness to priorities
  • How to move from a full-program church to a focused church
  • Steps for meaningful and appealing worship
  • Techniques for better communication—internally and externally
  • Use the web and social media for better results
  • Turn visitors into belongers with hospitality and worship that engages them
  • Christian education for busy people
  • Right-size your church—get your scale right
  • New approaches to financial sustainability
  • Innovative options that other churches are using
  • Develop the skillset of your leaders
  • Stewardship in the post-tithing era
  • How to lead through change without getting killed
  • How to make a real difference when you serve others
  • What other churches are doing that actually works